Welcome to my world

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a few years now and I finally bit the bullet and did it! I put if off because I had no clue how to create the blog. Also, what was I going to write about? I have numerous hobbies, a family consisting of my husband, two children, two dogs and a cat, I’ve worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer and travel agent.  I love to travel, I have run several half marathons and one full, I enjoy photography, reading and cooking and decorating, however I don’t really consider myself an expert  at any of these things.

Well, I researched setting up the page for the blog and figured I could do it. I mean, there are tons of blogs out there and if they can do it surely I can too. Coming up with the name for my blog was another issue. What was the title going to be if I couldn’t figure out what the blog would be about? Getting tired of just thinking about it and ready to move forward, I told myself I would just wing it and pray that it would work out. Hence the blog title – A Wing and Prayer.

After creating the page, I sat around for two weeks looking at a blank blog before sitting down today to write my first entry. I’m not sure how often I will write but hope to put in at least one post per week. I’m thinking my posts will most often be about my family, my running and training routines, projects I’m working on around the house, favorite recipes I want to share and random thoughts and ideas I’d like to share also.

This is what I plan but since I’m winging it, who knows what will happen!

My family minus one dog and the cat

My family minus one dog and the cat


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