Running with friends

This is the first post I write about my running so I’ll give you a little background. I’ve always exercised but did not start running until five years ago. Since that time I have run three half marathons, one full marathon and several 5k and 10k races. Presently, I am training to run the Zydeco Marathon in Lafayette, La., on March 8 (which is also my son’s 14th birthday!)

When I trained for the Disney marathon, which I ran in January 2014, I would meet up with two other friends that were also training for that race. We would start off together but none of us ran the same pace so we always ended up running alone. For the three half marathons, I trained totally solo. This time, I’ve found a group of running buddies to meet up with two or three days per week. One of these girls runs the same pace as me and can keep me company.

I’ve always enjoyed running alone. I listen to music, audiobooks, come up with interesting solutions to problems, contemplate life and brainstorm home improvement and home decorating projects. I get into the rhythm of the run and the road just carries me where I need to go.

I never realized how much I would enjoy the company of another person on a 10 mile run. It’s nice having someone toughing it out with you. Not that we can carry on a big conversation or anything, but a few comments here and there helps break up the monotony. When you’re running against the wind and feel like quitting, hearing the sigh of your running buddy reminds you that you’re not alone in this. If she can do it, I can too!

I couldn’t make the 10 mile run last weekend with the group since I was at a dance convention with Kaitlin in Houston. Yesterday, I headed out alone and began my long run. I enjoyed it but I missed the companionship and push when I could have used it.

I also ended up somehow hurting my leg near my hip and am hoping it’s better by next week so I can join my friends for an 11 miler!


002                                    This is a photo of my favorite road to run.






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