Bathroom mirror frame project

I’ll admit it – I’m a Pinterest junkie! I see all sorts of cute outfits, decorating ideas, projects and recipes and I want to try them all. I’m going to share one with you that I just recently completed with the assistance of my helpful husband.

When we built our house eight years ago, we decided against framed mirrors in the master bath. Instead we just had two huge slabs of mirror hanging over the vanities in the bathroom. It served a purpose but lacked character and style.

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I had seen several pins detailing how to create a mirror frame using crown molding. A friend of mine commented how she and her husband had done that for their master bath, adding that it was super easy and looked really nice.

My husband and I went to Stine Lumber and picked out crown molding that we both liked. We also purchased a miter saw to cut the molding at the necessary angles and some industrial strength, double-sided tape that I used to attach the molding to the mirrors.

Although I’m sure I could have done it myself, when my husband offered to cut the moldings for me I took him up on his offer. We measured the mirrors and cut the pieces of molding to fit using the miter saw. I needed two longer pieces for the top and bottom and shorter ones for the left and right.

Once the moldings were cut, I painted them with a homemade chalk paint recipe I also found on Pinterest. I used Sherwin Williams Gray Cloud paint and mixed two cups of the paint with four tablespoons plaster of paris and two tablespoons water. I did find the mixture too thick so I added water until I got it to a consistency that I liked.

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I first painted the back side of the moldings since it does reflect in the mirrors. I then painted the front side of the frames and allowed them to dry. Once dry, I put a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax and wiped off the excess. I followed that up with some Annie Sloan dark wax to  give it an old, antique look.

Finally, I attached several strips of the double-sided tape to each molding and attached them to the mirrors. Voila – framed mirrors for my master bath!

What do you think??!!!

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