Sparkling, bubbly cocktail packs a punch – French 75 recipe

To treat myself after my half marathon a couple weeks ago, I celebrated with a glass of champagne and a French 75. I never really drank champagne much until visiting the Chandon winery on a trip to Napa a few years ago. Since then I often keep a bottle chilled in my frig to sip on after a long day.  I  like drinking mimosas on holidays but my favorite champagne cocktail is the French 75.

It is a mixture of fresh lemon juice, simple syrup or sugar, and gin topped with champagne. It is so light, refreshing and crisp with the tangy taste of citrus from the lemon balanced with the earthy flavor of the gin then finished off with the bubbly champagne. Don’t drink too many of these though – they are quite powerful!

Simple ingredients for French 75.

Simple ingredients for French 75.



Here is my recipe for a French 75:

2 ounces gin

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon simple syrup or sugar

Shake these three ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a champagne glass or coupe glass then top with champagne.

French 75 cocktail.

French 75 cocktail.

I think it’s best for brunch but I drink French 75’s whenever I like!

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Zydeco Half Race Recap

My happy pace in the Zydeco half marathon.

My happy pace in the Zydeco half marathon.

I ran the Zydeco half marathon last Sunday and ended up finishing in 2:12 which happens to be my second best time for a half. This beat my time from last year by 5 minutes so all in all I’d say I had a good race. My PR for a half is 2:11 so not too far off from that.

It had been raining all week (especially Saturday) but thankfully the rains cleared out before Sunday morning. The temperatures were in the 70’s with humidity around 90 percent so not ideal weather but it worked for me! It also happened to be time to “spring forward” so I actually lost an hour of sleep. Normally I don’t get much sleep before the night before a race, but this time I did and felt well rested in the morning even with the time change.

For the first three miles I had shin splints but my legs eventually loosened up and I found a comfortable pace. Suprisingly, this pace remained around 10:10 consistently throughout the race which is a little quicker than the 10:30 I had been averaging during my training.

At the beginning of the race, I noticed my pace steady around 10:07 so I tried my best to stay around that time. A few miles I ended up slower but towards the end of the course I noticed that I was really close to my best time of 2:11 so stepped up the pace to 9:54 and 9:55 the last couple miles. My fastest pace was 8:45 for the final .2 – that does count right?! Didn’t make a PR but still happy with my results.

After a couple of beers, a bowl of jambalaya and visiting with a few friends, I headed home to rest and spend the rest of the day with my family!

After the race.

After the race.

The next thing on my racing calendar is the New York City Marathon in November! A friend of mine got her name selected in the lottery but I did not so I signed up to run the race through a charity. This seems like much fun and I’m so excited about running this marathon. Training begins in July – I’ll keep you posted!


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Week before Zydeco half marathon 2016


I had my last long run Saturday in preparation for the Zydeco half marathon I will be running Sunday. It was a beautiful day although it was a tad bit warm for running. I’m thinking I’m ready! I always get nervous about being well prepared before a race – no matter if it’s a 5k, 10k, half or a full.

Running Zydeco half marathon last year.

Running Zydeco half marathon last year.

I ran my 10 miles this past Saturday in 1:42. This is the breakdown:

Mile 1 – 10:18

Mile 2 – 10:05

Mile 3 – 10:04

Mile 4 – 10:04

Mile 5 – 10:01

Mile 6 – 10:06

Mile 7 – 10:27

Mile 8 – 10:05

Mile 9 – 10:21

Mile 10 – 10:13


This week will be a pretty easy week as far as training goes. When I train for a half, I use the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice 1 app and it’s always worked for me. I don’t always do the runs on the day of the week the app suggests and this week will be the same. I have to run 4 miles one day, 3 another and 2 on another day. I ran 4 Monday, and will do 3 Wednesday, 2 Thursday and get in two days of rest before running 13.1 Sunday.

I have my new Brooks Ghost running shoes, my favorite socks, my Garmin Forerunner watch and Jelly Belly sports beans all ready to go. I just need to decide on an outfit – running capris or shorts (depending on the temperature) – and get some vanilla flavored Clif gel shots then I’ll be all set.

File Mar 07, 7 50 01 PM

Looks like it will be a stormy week but supposed to be sunny Sunday for the Zydeco half marathon!

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